Hi! I’m Ket. I’m a Twitch Affiliate and YouTube partner. I am also a software engineer and I live in the great state of Colorado in the US.

I have loved gaming for as long as I could remember. I would play and map out Legend of Zelda as a kid (one of two games we had for the NES, the other being Super Mario World) and would spend hours on the computer playing Age of Empires, SimCity, StarCraft and so on.

World of Warcraft is my main game and the one I’m mostly likely to stream. I’ve been playing WoW since Mists of Pandaria, and raiding since Throne of Thunder.

I love doing charity streams, so you’ll often see those, especially in the Spring. My favorite charities are St. Jude, Direct Relief and Doctors Without Borders.

Charity Streams

Throughout the year, but in particular in the Spring, I like to run long campaigns supporting various charities.

I love doing silly things in the name of raising money for a good cause.

I usually do a campaign with some of my favorite people including one of my stream teams Perky Pugs. Perky Pugs has helped raise over $100K USD for various charities since its founding in 2014 giving away moose mounts in world of warcraft (before it was even called Perky Pugs!).