tl;dr: raidbots came around and could stick a UI in front of SimulationCraft better that I could. The KetBots were expensive to run, so I stopped.

The history of KetBot: In the fall of 2016, Ket’s guildie Silky created SilkyBot for their guild. This bot allowed anyone in the guild to sim their toon from discord, getting rid of any excuses to avoid simming a toon.

Silky put the code for SilkyBot up on github and Ket expanded the bot to include US and EU servers, set it up on a spare MacMini, branded it TempleBot and put it in the small priest discord Netherlight Temple. After a while it became apparent the bot needed to move to the cloud. There were several reasons for this: 1) The MacMini was very slow, 2) Ket didn’t want the availability of the bot tied to her Internet stability, and 3) It was driving up Ket’s electricity bill, annoying her roommate.

TempleBot then expanded to more discord servers (renamed for each one) since the server the bot is powered on was able to accommodate more people.

At its peak, the various KetBots offered services to tens of thousands of WoW players (most notably in the now defunct class servers for Demon Hunters and Priests).

KetBots (TempleBot, KetBot, SimBa, HunterBot, etc) have been decommissioned and intend to stay that way. The long and short is: raidbots came along and did a better job at what we did. I was only able to update SimulationCraft every week, whereas raidbots can do weekly and nightly builds. Also, it cost a lot of money to run the servers KetBot ran on, and it was eating up my “fun money” fund.

The code for KetBot is opensource and located in a git repo. It is outdated, but the logic should still be functional, but there are no intentions to update it at this point in time.